How long are the chocolate covered strawberries good for?

When refrigerated properly, the chocolate covered strawberries should be good to eat for 1-2 days. The strawberries are the freshest on the day they are picked up. (Please keep this in mind when placing your order). All chocolate products should be refrigerated until consumed.


What is included inside the chocolate breakable?

The chocolate breakable comes empty! You can bring us what you want to put inside of it the day you pick it up or you can place it in yourself. (There is no back to the breakable.) Please make sure that your gift is smaller than 6” long and 2” thick. Most common items added inside include: cash, gift cards, jewelry, notes, candy, etc.

The chocolate covered strawberries are “sweating” or “leaking”, is this normal?

Yes! Chocolate covered strawberries tend to “sweat” due to condensation (water droplets emerge on a cold surface when in contact with humid air). Chocolate covered strawberries tend to “leak” because they are a very hydrating fruit; since strawberries have a high water content, it is the moisture from the strawberries that naturally “leaks out”.


All items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Once your order is placed and confirmed, we are not able to refund your payment. If you cancel within 48 hours of your original pick up date you will receive 50% of payment in store credit. If you fail to pick up your order as scheduled we will not re-make your order, nor refund your payment. If you’d like to make a change to an already placed order in date, design, etc., there will be a $10 fee. Such changes should be requested via email at least 48 hours prior to your original pick up date.


Heartmade Sweets is not responsible for any order after it is picked up. Strawberry size may vary based on season. Large berries are not guaranteed. Please make us aware in advance if you suffer from any food allergies. Our designs will not contain any sexual images, profanity, distressful or drug related language. If your order contains such descriptions your order will be declined.